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Real Estate

Most people can get through a simple residential real estate transaction on their own, without the help of an attorney.  Still, there are times when having the advice of an attorney can save you money and problems.  Virtually every residential real estate contract provides for a three day Attorney Review Period, during which you may have a signed agreement reviewed by an attorney.  Take good advantage of this time and call me to review your agreement so you can avoid problems later on.

Commercial real estate deals are not the same as residential sales.  Only an attorney can prepare an Agreement of Sale for a commercial property in the state of New Jersey.  Many times commercial sales involve mortgage brokers and financing, often necessitating representation by counsel.  The process of being qualified for a business loan for the purchase of real estate can be extremely complicated and you really need experienced counsel on your side.  You need an attorney who can coordinate the flow of information to the mortgage company and ensure that everything is ready in time for closing.

Managing real estate involves other legal issues.  Call me and consult with an attorney with experience representing residential and commercial landlords and tenants in: negotiating leases, successfully terminating leases early, disputes over security deposits, property damage claims and rule violations, requests for repairs, habitual lateness and lease violations, eviction proceedings and more.