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We have just come through what has been labeled a “global financial crisis”, including the failure of some of the largest financial institutions in the country and the collapse of our real estate market.  Is it any wonder that so many families are struggling to get by?  If you are over your head with bills and trying to figure out your next move, you need to consider all the options available to you.  Picking the right course can be tricky, so you need to talk to someone who can really help guide you to the best financial solution for your family or business. 

Whether you are facing a foreclosure, negotiating a mortgage modification or short sale, considering a bankruptcy, or just need some help handling your creditors, this is the firm you need to contact.  I started helping people through the bankruptcy process long before even going to law school.  Since becoming an attorney, I have helped many clients through some very complicated financial issues.  I recently helped a couple get out from under almost $100,000.00 in debt in less than two years without filing a bankruptcy.  After the first year, I counseled them about the process of rebuilding their credit.  They are now virtually debt free with a credit rating that is climbing.

I will explain different strategies to help you understand what options are available to you, how to know what you can qualify for, and guide you through the process as quickly as possible, all while helping you work on rebuilding your credit to get back on a good financial footing.  Every case is different, so everyone’s results will be different, but the bottom line is that you do have options.  Finding the best way for you and your family to proceed is dependent on so many factors.  You should have knowledgeable counsel to help you choose the right course and to work with you to achieve your financial goals.