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Elder Law is a broad area of law, encompassing all the issues faced by senior citizens and their families.  If you are reaching the age that you would like to start planning, or you have an older family member that needs help, you should contact me.

You will find many law firms “specializing” in elder law, but what is rare is finding an attorney who will take the time to explain to you how everything works so you can decide what you need for your family.  This firm does not sell you things you do not understand, or charge you for things you do not need.  What we do is help you and your family through the complex process of planning for the future, setting up your estate, and making decisions about long-term care needs, with dignity and respect, and without substituting our judgment for yours. 

Another aspect of elder law involves protecting seniors.  If you have an elderly family member who has reached the point when they may not be able to live alone, you absolutely want to contact me.  Seniors can be vulnerable, and it is all too often that seniors are victimized.  I have helped seniors prevent discharge from medical and rehab facilities, fight against fraudulent consumer practices, obtain Medicare and Medicaid coverages, prevent abuse even by trusted family members, retrieve lost or stolen property and fight off creditors.  I have a great deal of experience protecting seniors and I can help you feel at ease knowing that you have someone you can call on for help.

Areas of practice: Real Estate , Family Law, Civil Litigation,  Estate Planning, Business Law, Consumer Law, Bankruptcy, Collection Defense, Landlord/Tenant.