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The average business owner today absolutely must consult an attorney at one time or another.  I have helped many business clients through the process of forming a new business, purchasing a business or business property, closing on commercial loans, drafting contracts and forms, negotiating leases, the sale of products/inventories, and even though the process of collecting from customers.

One of the most important decision I think any small business owner can ever make is in taking steps to plan for the future.  It may cost your business a great deal of money to neglect what I call Estate Planning for businesses.  How a business interest will succeed; who will be allowed to take over management; under what circumstances will the business close; and how each owner's interest will be valued; are all issues that can be decided in advance to avoid disagreements later on, and thereby saving a great deal of money and legal expenses.

Unfortunately, even with the best laid plans and the most carefully executed business models, disputes do arise.  Customers, even employees, sometimes will press claims against a business in the hope of cashing in on the business' assets.  Litigation is not something every attorney engages in, so it is important to have experienced counsel with the ability to fight for you, in court if necessary.  Call my office today to discuss your business' legal needs.