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Consumer Law

What's the best way to avoid needing an attorney?  Hire one!

A local contractor came to me after a customer brought a claim against him for Consumer Fraud.  There were several technical violations in his contracts.  If he had hired me to review his contracts before signing the deal with this customer, he could have avoided the much higher expense of defending these claims.

A tenant came to me looking for help with a lease.  He had been renting a home with his family for more than 10 years and it was starting to show the wear of having raised four children there.  He did not want to be held liable for any defects in condition if he decided to moved out.  I negotiated a lease for him that specifically protects him from liability for any damage which occurred prior to the signing of the lease, and then I had him take detailed pictures of the condition of the house.

Don't wait.  Call today and save yourself and your family a lot of time and money.

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